It can be said that brand – trademark is one of intangible assets, but it brings its tangible value in commercial activities of each enterprise. According to Intellectual Property Law in Vietnam, brand – trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others. Therefore, brand – trademark registration is a necessary procedure for an enterprise to protect its intellectual property rights.

Siglaw, with a high – qualified team of lawyers and consultants who are well – experienced, always hopes to bring the best benefits to clients in the field of brand – trademark registration. We protect clients’ rights, anticipate several risks and give clients solutions in each specific case.

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The service related to brand – trademark registration of Siglaw includes:

– Support enterprises to do a free preliminary trademark search. After that, if there are no identical or similar trademarks, enterprises conduct an official search to get a comprehensive result and to determine the plan of filing trademark application at National Office of Intellectual Property;

– Advise and do a preliminary trademark search for enterprises to determine the ability of registering trademark protection;

– Advise on modifying trademark registration for registering the protection titles for own trademark;

– Advise on the scope of protection of the trademark registration certificates. Therefore, if enterprises intend to do international business for their goods and services, it is necessary for them to register the protection titles to avoid being disputed about their trademarks;

– Advise on cases in which there are duplicate, similar or confusing trademarks leading to that trademarks are not granted the exclusive protection titles;

– Advise on how to identify and classify trademarks in order to avoid being rejected in terms of form and content when testing trademark applications at National Office of Intellectual Property;

– Advise the best time to establish trademark rights: According to the laws of Vietnam and some countries, the trademark rights can only be established based on the decision to grant the exclusive trademark protection titles or recognize the international registration of National Office of Intellectual Property;

– Advise on how to apply for trademark registration in different countries when enterprises have demands, and how to establish trademark rights in countries around the world (depending on the law of each country which regulates the rights of trademark arising through registration or use of trademarks);

– Represent Clients in applying for trademark registration certificates, recording modification, and extending the degree of trademark protection in Vietnam and abroad;

– Enforce the protected trademark rights: investigating, monitoring, negotiating, reconciling, suing or requesting other competent authorities to handle violations in Vietnam and abroad;

– Negotiate, draft, appraise and register a contract that transfers the right to use or to own the trademark in Vietnam and abroad;

– Advise strategic plans of building and developing a trademark;

– Handle trademark infringement;

– Oppose trademark applications;

– Complain issues related to the establishment and protection of trademark rights;

– Cancel the validity of trademark registration certificate in accordance with law.

The benefits that our company brings to clients:

– Supported by experienced lawyers in the field of Intellectual Property, in general and trademark registration, in particular;

– Advised deeply on how to select and design the trademark to be protected;


– Supported to implement all necessary legal procedures to register a trademark based on authorization letter;

– Advised on-site during the process of consultation and registration;

– Supported to handle trademark disputes and infringement timely;

– Ensured that time to register a trademark is the fastest.

Siglaw’s lawyers will analyze legal incentives for each specific case of each client.

When Clients have demands on registering the unique trademark, please contact our qualified lawyers to be given the best advice and provided the best services.

For further information about services related to trademark registration, please get in touch with us through email or, or our website