When Clients intend to commence business operations, they may face obstacles or legal issues. They wonder that which specific rules their fields of business are required and what specific rules are.

These are frequent questions which start-up firms want to know before establishing a business. Beside business lines which have no conditions, there will be a list of conditional business lines which require sub-licenses.

What is a sub-license?

A sub-license is a term used in the field of business law. Essentially, a sub-license is a legalization of a conditional business and is granted by a competent agency when an enterprise has demand and also meets all conditions prescribed by law.

Legal basis

Legal regulations about a sub-license are stipulated in Enterprise Law, Investment Law and other specialized legal documents.

In order to implement these procedures quickly, accurately, and not time – consuming, Siglaw can help you.

Work content

For granting a sub-license service, Siglaw will advise and assist Clients, represent Clients in implementing licensing procedures of the following industries:

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