Real estate is considered as one of the most complex fields in the Vietnam law system. However, with a well-experienced team of Siglaw’s lawyers, Clients will be legally guaranteed in some transactions related to real estate such as buying, selling, leasing, and sub-leasing, etc.

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Siglaw provides Clients with a full package of real estate law consultancy service as follows:

 – Advise on investment – construction, development, ownership, management and operations of real estate (including resorts and properties related to hotels and restaurants, etc.).

– Advise on drafting and negotiating documents related to the transfer of houses and land; leasing, purchasing and selling land; rent business premises, etc.

– Appraise legal documents related to real estate of Clients;

– Advise on procedures of leasing, allocating, transferring use purposes, donating, transferring, lending and inheriting land, mortgage of land at competent authority;

– Advise on procedures of notarization and real estate registration;

– Advise and implement procedures of granting a certificate of land-use rights (known as a red book), construction permit;

– Ask for approvals and licenses from relevant government agencies;

– Advise and assist Clients in handling real estate disputes and complaints;

– Advise other real estate business activities.


For further information about services related to real estate law consultancy, please get in touch with us through email or, or our website