A team of corporate law experts and lawyers of Siglaw is always ready to provide regular legal consultancy service to Clients in order to protect Clients’ rights and prevent Clients from legal risks in each stage of development.

Siglaw provides Clients with a full package of regular legal consultancy service as follows:

– Siglaw will update new legal regulations which are related to field of business of Clients and announce to them about legal obligations that need to be implemented in accordance with Investment Law, Vietnam Enterprise Law and other legal documents.


+ Periodically, on the last day of each month, Siglaw will send to Clients 01 summary report about regulations of Investment Law and Enterprise Law promulgated within that month, and the cited legal documents. This report will be sent in the form of data file via e-mail.

+ Siglaw will update legal documents in the field of investment and enterprise as soon as they are posted on the “Cong bao” or on the website “Van ban phap luat Viet Nam” (Vietnam legal documents). The form of updated documents is to send an e-mail notification about their contents and notice the obligations of Clients as a subject of Investment Law and Enterprise Law.

– Siglaw will draft minutes/ resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Management, and Board of Directors, notices, approval letters, internal documents, authorized documents.

+ Clients send a request of drafting documents to Siglaw via email, fax or documents to save as an evidence.

+ Siglaw receives the Clients’ request and announces the deadline for the draft to the Clients.

+ Siglaw submits the drafted version to Clients in the form of data file via e-mail.

+ Siglaw will revise the draft according to Clients’ suggestions or requests for a maximum of 03 times since the first draft for each document edited by Siglaw.

– Siglaw will advise, review and draft contracts in transactions between Clients and Clients’ partners.

– Siglaw will announce to Clients about legal risks (if any) to note and then advise them.

– Siglaw will handle the legal issues arising in the process of operation, production, labor management of Clients.

+ Siglaw will always prioritize to handling legal issues arising in the process of operation of Clients.

+ Siglaw will guarantee Clients’ best rights.

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For further information about services related to regular legal consultancy, please get in touch with us through email or, or our website