Mrs Le Dung – Lawyer

1. Mrs. Le Thi Dung – Lawyer 

  • A consulting lawyer of the Hanoi Bar Association
  • A legal consultant, specializing in investment consultancy, services of perfecting the legal system. Many years of experience in advising on building legal compliance system for enterprises, especially FDI enterprises.
  • Investment consultant for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, Singapore, Malaysia enterprises, and other foreign organizations.



2. Mr. Le Minh Tam – Lawyer

Luật sư Lê Minh Tâm
Mr Le Minh Tam – Lawyer
  • Financial Policy Fellow at OXFAM, VEPR, Research Institute S & T strategy & policy …
  • In charge of and directly performing many consulting projects for finance, enterprise restructuring; stock listing; IPO, BSC system; SOP … for private, FDI and public companies.
  • Key areas: Energy, manufacturing, services, healthcare, restaurants, transportation, finance and banking.



3. Mr. Nguyen Manh Chien – Tax Law Specialist

Ông Nguyễn Mạnh Chiến
Mr. Nguyen Manh Chien
  • In charge of and directly performing many audit projects; financial statement audit, internal control consultancy, valuation, corporate valuation, state-owned enterprise valuation, public company valuation, private corporation valuation.
  • Key areas: Manufacturing, construction, real estate, construction materials, infrastructure and energy.
  • Directly in charge of equitization consultancy for many state-owned enterprises.
  • Specializing in consulting improvement for internal control system under SOP and BSC standards.
  • Specializing in consulting enterprise restructuring and listing route, IPO …

4. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy – Legal Expert

5. Mr. Pham Ba Tuyen

  • Financial statement audit (VAS, IFRS), financial consolidation, conversion of financial statement complying with international standards, financial consultancy, stock listing for corporations, public companies, FDI Enterprises.
  • Key areas: Telecommunications, manufacturing, technology, apparel, services, finance, trade.

6. Mr. Dinh Doan Cuong – Head of Tax Consultancy Department

  • Specialists in accounting and tax consultancy include setting up accounting voucher system, financial statement service, tax accounting service, tax optimization, pretax finalization verification, tax refund for enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises and large private companies.
  • Major fields: Construction, manufacturing, restaurant, service …