Land law is considered as one of the most complex one in the Vietnam law system. To ensure legal rights and interests of Clients in accordance with the provisions of law, Siglaw provides services related to land law as follows:

– Draft documents and contracts related to land use rights such as transferring, donating, inheriting, leasing land and contributing capital, etc.;

– Advise on land law related to land use rights such as donating, inheriting, transferring, leasing land and contributing capital by land use rights;

– Represent Clients in taking part in negotiating and signing contracts, and handling land disputes;

–  Advise on inquiries and complaints related to land acquisition and compensation;

– Implement land services such as erasing tax debts, granting a certificate of land-use rights (known as a red book), and changing the name on a land-use rights certificate;

– Advise and draft a petition, and procedures of a lawsuit;

– Represent Clients and appoint lawyers to taking part in handling land disputes at courts and competent authority.


For further information about services related to land law consultancy, please get in touch with us through email or, or our website