Investment Consultancy

Investment consultancy is one of the most important services that Siglaw provides to customers.

Siglaw’s customers include FOC (foreign owned companies), FDI (foreign direct investment companies) and domestic companies which operate in various fields of business, such as finance and banking, real estate, construction, hotels, advertisement, insurance, consumer goods and manufacturing.

We, representing various joint ventures companies and investors (including foreign investors and domestic investors), are aware of all challenges faced by them. We are willing to advise and assist our customers on designing a management model, capitalizing and dealing with internal business administration issues.

Siglaw – Vietnam leading consulting company.

The investment consultancy service provided by Siglaw covers a wide full range:

– Assisting in market research, evaluating an enterprise’s benefits and risks associated with investment policies of the government;

– Establishing FDI companies, their branches and representative office and expanding their business scope;

– Obtaining business licenses and investment certificates for domestic and foreign investors.

We have extensive experience in making local authorities and counter parties more comfortable in reaching an agreement, resolving deadlocks and contributing to the success of customer’s business.

Siglaw is proud to assist customers in negotiating, licensing and post licensing procedures for the establishment and operation of their commercial presence in Vietnam.

For further information about services related to investment consultancy, please get in touch with us through email or, or our website