When investing in Vietnam, foreign enterprises ought to choose a well-experienced consultancy firm with well-qualified consultants who deeply understand and use/implement regulations and necessary legal procedures. SIGLAW is always proud to be one of the best options of Clients.

In terms of corporate consultancy, SIGLAW pays attention 10 important points as follows:

The field of investment or business;


Investment capital, charter capital to found an enterprise;

Contribution of investment capital, charter capital after founding an enterprise;

Tax obligations;

Project investment report;

Locations to invest and found an enterprise;

Use of an enterprise’s seal;

Use of labors;

Legal representatives.


Siglaw provides a variety of qualified services as follows:

Advising on investments;

Licensing investment certificates, project licenses;

Adjusting investment certificates, transferring projects and shares, increasing capital, supplementing fields of business, changing project location;

Advising on IPO;

Granting work permits for foreigners;

Renewing work permits for foreigners;

Granting and renewing visa;

Granting temporary residence permits for foreigners;

Converting driver licenses for foreigners living in Vietnam;

Buying houses (property) in Vietnam for foreigners;

Marriage registration between a foreigner and a Vietnamese;

Issuing APEC cards;

Advising on re-entering in Vietnam;

Issuing certificate for confirmation of foreigners who are not subject of granting work permits.

For further information about services related to legal consulting for FDI enterprises, please get in touch with us through email or, or our website

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