Since the inception, SIGLAW has made a name for itself at the field of financial and banking advisory.

We own a highly skilled and experienced team of financial and banking lawyers, consultants and auditors with high ability to access resources relating to Banking and Finance Policies in Vietnam. Besides, we are equipped with professional research skills and innovative thinking style to provide the best results.

tư vấn luật tài chính ngân hàng
Siglaw – Vietnam leading consulting company

SIGLAW provides a package of FBL consultancy as follows:

– Doing a research and providing solutions so that commercial banks can finance their capital for projects such as infrastructure, construction, real estate;

– Advising, drafting, reviewing and appointing lawyers to negotiate facilities agreements; pledge, mortgage, financial lease agreements; insurance contracts; loan agreements; project finance agreements;

– Carrying out procedures for registering security transactions and handling secured assets at competent authorities;

– Advising on building process of internal management, and professions of financial firms and banks;

– Translating legal documents about finance and banking fields for commercial banks when operating and opening branches at abroad;

– Advising on loan insurance and risk management in finance and banking operations;

– Advising and taking part in resolving disputes in finance and banking sectors at judicial agencies such as arbitration and court;

Besides, we own Calibank system – a banking credit system which assists enterprises to optimize the lending process and loan interest rate when they have demands.

For further information about services related to financial and banking law consultancy, please get in touch with us through email or, or our website