Mrs Le Dung – Lawyer

1. Mrs.Le Thi Dung – Lawyer 

  • As a lawyer consultant of the Hanoi Bar Association
  • Being a legal consultant, specializing in investment consultancy, services to complete the legal system, compliance with law. He has many years of experience in advising to build legal compliance system for enterprises, especially FDI enterprises.
  • Investment consultants for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, Singapore, Malaisia, and other foreign organizations.



2. Mr.Le Minh Tam – Lawyer

Luật sư Lê Minh Tâm
Mr Le Minh Tam – Lawyer
  • Financial Policy Fellow at OXFAM, VEPR, Research Institute S & T strategy & policy …
  • In charge of and directly conduct many financial consultancy, project consultancy, business restructuring, listing consultancy, IPO, BSC, SOP consultancy … for private capital, investment capital foreign companies, public companies.
  • Key areas: Energy, manufacturing, services, healthcare, restaurants, transportation, finance and banking.




3. Mr.Nguyen Manh Chien – Legal Expert Tax

Ông Nguyễn Mạnh Chiến
Mr.Nguyen Manh Chien
  • In charge of and directly conducting many audits, Financial Accounting Audit, Internal Control Consultancy, Valuation, Corporate Valuation, State Owned Corporations and Public Companies and Private Capital Groups.
  • Key areas: Manufacturing, construction, real estate, construction materials, infrastructure and energy.
  • He was directly in charge of legal advisory of equitization of many state-owned companies.
  • Consultant to improve the internal control system in accordance with SOP and BSC standards.
  • Corporate restructuring consultant and listing route, IPO …


4. Mrs.Nguyen Thi Thuy – Legal Expert

5. Mr. Pham Ba Tuyen

  • Financial Reporting (VAS, IFRS), Financial Consolidation, Financial Reporting, Financial Consulting, Stock Listing for Corporations, Public Companies, Foreign Invested Enterprises (FDI) ).
  • Key areas: Telecommunications, manufacturing, technology, apparel, services, finance, trade.

6. Mr. Dinh Doan Cuong – Head of Tax Consultancy Department

  • Specialists in accounting and tax consultancy include setting up accounting voucher system, financial reporting service, tax accounting service, tax optimization, pre-tax audit, tax refund Industry, especially state-owned enterprises and large private companies.
  • Major fields: Construction, manufacturing, restaurant, service …