Privacy Statement

Siglaw makes confidentiality commitments for all Clients’ information. In case of not being given any written approvals from Clients, Siglaw is committed not to disclosing to any third parties, or using any received confidential documents, data and information, other than the case of using them to provide to proceeding-conducting agencies and government agencies upon request.

In the process of providing service, Siglaw’s lawyers and financial advisory specialists are always committed to complying with security standards for collected information. However, Siglaw can still refer to the incidents in any marketing documents.

Service fee

Service fee is determined by an agreement between Clients and Siglaw signed on a service contract. Clients are also not liable for any additional fees other than the signed service fee by two parties. In case the actual time to provide service exceeds the estimated time, Siglaw will announce to Clients about the addition of initial service fee.

External costs

Normally, our service quotation is not included external costs incurred in the process of providing service to Clients; included but not limited in official fee, photocopy fee, international calls costs, travelling fee, and bank fees to receive, deposit or transfer money, etc.

Preliminary advice

Normally, Siglaw does not charge for preliminary advice to customers. Preliminary advice to Clients includes discussing directly at our office for no more than 30 minutes of working time or advising via email or phone for no more than 15 minutes in order to identify issues that need to be advised, analyze Clients’ requirements, and decide which service is provided. In this process, Siglaw will not advise on Clients’ detailed solutions. If a specific advice is required, consulting fee will be determined based on our actual working hours.


Siglaw requires payment within 05 days from the date of invoice issuance. In case of 03-05 days late payment, we will add a 10%/year penalty to the outstanding payment. Siglaw reserves the right to suspend our services to Clients in case Clients do not comply with Siglaw’s payment request.