Contract Consultancy

In commercial transactions between business partners, it is very crucial to make contracts which are lawful and meet all parties’ rights. Owning a team of well-experienced lawyers who ever advise foreign investors and deeply understand about international culture and business environment, Siglaw ensures to provide contract consultancy service which is rigorous, logical and gives maximum protection to Clients’ rights and interests.

Contract consultancy service provided by Siglaw includes:

– Advise the provisions of law and the practical implementation of the terms given in a contract;

– Draft a contract based on requirements of Clients and in accordance with the law to give maximum protection to Clients’ rights and interests and balance rights and interests among parties of a contract;

– Take part in negotiating a contract;

– Advise and handle contract disputes;

– Advise and take part in each stage of negotiation to sign a contract;


– Study relevant documents, find out relevant information of parties in a contract as requirements of Clients, then give optimal solutions for drafting and signing of a contract to ensure maximum benefits for Clients and balance interests of parties in a contract;

– Appraise all terms given in a draft contract of Clients and Clients’ partners as requirements of Clients and in accordance with the law;

– Advise comprehensively on issues related to Clients’ contracts;

– Advise and explain terms given in a contract;

– Advise legally on other issues which are not given in a contract, but lawful as requirements of Clients.

Some kinds of contracts Siglaw advises regularly include:

– Sales Contract;

– Labor Contract;

– Purchasing Agreement;

– Capital Contribution Agreement;

– Agency Agreement;

– Business Cooperation Contract;

– Joint Venture Agreement;

– Brokerage Agreement;

– Goods Entrustment Contract;

– Franchise Agreement;

– Rental Agreement (Tenancy Agreement);

– Technology Transfer Agreement;

– Loan Agreement;

– Land Use Right Transfer Agreement;

– Authorization Contract;

– Service Contract;

– Capital Transfer Contract.


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