Siglaw appreciates value of each client, and deeply understands value of a brand through each ambassador. This is a guide leading to Siglaw’s long-term development.

Siglaw was founded by an accomplished team of excellent lawyers, experienced legal consultants, financial analysts, and tax law specialists who held key positions in domestic and foreign law firms as well as big financial firms. Several areas of expertise are corporate consultancy, project investment consultancy, M&A, finance – banking – insurance advisory, labors, contracts, infrastructure – construction, land – real estate projects, dispute resolution, etc.


The top criteria of Siglaw’s services are “Prestige – Quality”, using Clients’ satisfaction as the main measure of our Company’s performance. We also establish and maintain a customer-care policy to improve our service quality and satisfy the most fastidious clients


Among all provided services, Siglaw always shares our experience and advises the best solutions to achieve management effectiveness, operational effectiveness, and added value to our Clients. We are always committed to striving to provide our Clients with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations.


Siglaw’s goal is building a professional law firm in Vietnam to maximize benefits of Clients, who are domestic and foreign investors, firms operating in a variety of fields, through providing legal services, solutions for handling and preventing legal risks of enterprises. The cooperation between Vietnamese and foreign lawyers contributes to provide reasonable solutions which not only comply with Vietnamese law but also protect Clients’ benefits according to the highest international standards.


Siglaw chooses to approach issues in a multi-dimensional, comprehensive, and practical direction which is close to enterprises’ business operation. Siglaw’s lawyers and consultants own in-depth knowledge base of law and practical work experience for many years; hence, we can advise to handle Clients’ issues, and satisfy all Clients’ requirements.


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