Trademark registration – a trademark is a necessary procedure for businesses to protect their intellectual property rights.

With the trademark, the registration time is very long and to consult the entire process of trademark registration requires the consultant in particular and the service company in general must work in depth in the field. counseling, professional qualifications and work experience.

intellectual property

Customer benefits when regist ademark in our company

– Get the support of experienced lawyers in the field of Intellectual Property, say them and trademark registration – trademark in particular.

– In-depth consultancy for customers on how to select and design the trademark to be protected.

– Customer representatives carry out all necessary legal procedures to register their trademarks on the basis of a power of attorney.

– For customers in Hanoi, we will always visit the customer during the consultation, registration.

– Assist in the settlement of trademark disputes, monitor the violation of the trademark of customers to give timely advice to deal with infringements.

– Make sure the time to register trademarks for customers is the fastest.

When customers wish to register for exclusive trademarks, please contact our lawyers right away for advice and services.

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