Real estate consultant

Legal advice on real estate (including land and buildings) is considered as a complex legal relationship with other legal relationships in Vietnam. Together with our experienced lawyers sale, purchase, lease, sublease and security regulations for real estate related to commerce, retail, industrial and residential, as well as mixed development markets.

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We provide our clients with comprehensive legal issues in real estate relations. Specifically:

  • Legal advice relating to the investment, construction, development, ownership, management and operation of real estate, including resorts and properties relating to hotels and restaurants;
  • Advise the parties on the drafting and negotiation of documents relating to the transfer of land and housing; Drafting and negotiating documents relating to land lease and land purchase; Drafting and negotiating documents related to the lease of production and business premises;
  • Verification of legal documents relating to real estate of customers;
  • Advising on the procedures for land rent, land allocation, land use change, donation, transfer, exchange, lease, lending, inheritance, mortgage of real estate in state agencies rights;
  • Advising on notarization and real estate registration procedures;
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures for granting land use right certificate (red book), construction permit;
  • Obtaining approvals and permits from relevant government agencies;
  • Consulting and supporting clients to settle disputes and claims related to real estate;
  • Consulting other real estate business.

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