Legal Translation

In order to ensure the change, update the law regularly and continuously, at the right time. Siglaw’s legal and legal professionals are always available to provide legal advice to our clients. To ensure the benefits and avoid risks in time for each stage of development of the business. The work that lawyers provide to clients includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Update relevant legal provisions and inform the Client of the legal obligations that must be fulfilled in accordance with the Law on Investment and the Law on Enterprises of Vietnam and other legal documents related to the operation. Customer’s business.
+ Periodically, on the last day of each month, Siglaw will send to the customer a comprehensive report on the regulations of investment law and enterprise law issued in that month, attached legal documents. cited. Reports are sent to the Customer by email data file.
Draft minutes /resolutions of the General Assembly of Shareholders, Board of Directors and Board of Directors, notices, approval letters, internal documents and authorization documents.

+ Customer sends draft request to Siglaw via email or fax or in writing to save proof.
Siglaw accepts customer requests and schedules deadlines for submitting drafts to Customer.
Siglaw sends the draft to the customer via a data file via email.
+ Siglaw will amend the proposal according to the suggestions or requests of the customer up to 03 times since the first draft for each document is Siglaw draft.
– Reviewing and drafting contract forms in transactions between customers with customers’ partners and customers.

Siglaw will consult and review the contract forms in transactions between customers and customers’ partners and customers.

Siglaw will take legal risks (if any) to advise and advise clients.

– Handling of legal issues arising in the course of carrying out the business, production and labor management activities of the Client.

Siglaw will always deal with legal issues arising in the course of conducting business operations.

+ Siglaw always guarantees the interests of the largest customer.

Tư vấn pháp luật thường xuyên
Experienced team of experienced Siglaw will always accompany customers

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