Legal consulting on tax law

SIGLAW with a team of economic lawyers and legal experts, financial experts who understand business practices, tax law as well as constantly update the changes of Vietnamese law on tax. We always want to bring the best benefits to customers in the field of tax law consulting.

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Siglaw is the perfect choice when you need advice on tax law

SIGLAW’s tax consulting services include:

– Advising on tax incentive procedures for domestic and foreign enterprises.

– Advising on tax exemption and reduction for enterprises and individuals in each period.

– Tax law consulting and tax procedures for enterprises: enterprise income tax, special consumption tax, license tax, capital transfer tax, value added tax, foreign contractor tax, export tax import – export.

– Consulting personal income tax for laborers in enterprises.

– Receive customer authorization, work with tax authorities to clarify tax policies, complaints about tax decisions.

– Tax consultancy in M ​​& A, corporate restructuring, merger, joint venture, joint venture, equity and share offering, investment structure in Vietnam, structure Taxonomy and effective corporate governance structures for multinational corporations, the structure of financial instruments and investment products, transfer pricing planning and transfer pricing research.

We take into account and anticipate the tax and tax risks. Ensure the star with each operation model of the business. Proposing the legal advantages from time to time in accordance with state regulations for timely advice to enterprises. Ensure to help businesses maximize the advantages when participating in business in Vietnam.

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