Land law consultant

Land law relations are judged to be complicated legal relationships compared to other legal relationships in Vietnam. In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of our clients in accordance with the law, Siglaw provides consultancy services related to land law relations as follows:

  • Draft documents, contracts relating to land use rights such as: assignment, conversion, donation, inheritance, mortgage, lease or capital contribution;
  • Advising on land legislation related to land use rights such as donation, inheritance, transfer, conversion, mortgage, land allocation, land lease, capital contribution using land use rights;
  • Representing clients participating in negotiating contracts, representing disputes relating to land, land and housing;
  • Counseling, answering questions and complaints related to land legislation on land recovery and compensation;
  • Carry out land and housing services such as clearing tax debts, transferring titles, granting land use right certificates (Red Book);
  • Advising, drafting petition and guiding procedures for initiating lawsuits;
  • Representing clients, appointing lawyers to participate in resolving land disputes at courts and competent state agencies.

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