Foreign Investment consultant

Foreign investors who invest in Vietnam should choose an experienced consultant company to understand and use / implement the necessary legal regulations. And Siglaw is proud to be one of the best options for you. In terms of consultancy, Siglaw paid special attention to 10 important points:

  • In the field of investment / business
  • About Investors
  • About the investment capital, the charter capital to establish the company
  • About the contribution of investment capital, charter capital after the establishment of the company
  • On the performance of tax obligations
  • Report on investment projects
  • Choosing investment locations and establishing a company
  • On the use of company seal
  • On the use of labor
  • About the representative at law

Our services include:

  • Services for granting work permits to foreigners
  • License renewal services for foreign workers
  • Service for issuing and extending visa
  • Service of temporary residence card for foreigners
  • Service for changing driver’s license for foreigners
  • Foreigners buy houses in Vietnam
  • Procedure for marriage registration with foreigners
  • APEC card issuance procedures
  • Consultant to re-enter Vietnamese nationality
  • Services for the certification of foreigners who are not eligible for work permits.

For more information on services related to foreigners, please contact us at, or visit our website at

Siglaw - Vietnam leading consulting company
Siglaw – Vietnam leading consulting company