Financial and banking consultant

Finance and banking are the services that have confirmed the name of SIGLAW since its inception.

We have not only a team of lawyers and financial and banking experts, but we also have experienced auditors who have access to resources related to financial policies as well as finance in Vietnam. Therefore, we are equipped with professional research skills and creative thinking to ensure the best results.

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Siglaw – Vietnam leading consulting company

Siglaw’s banking and financial law consulting services include:

  • Research and provide solutions for commercial banks to finance projects such as infrastructure, construction, real estate;
  • Consulting, drafting, reviewing and appointing lawyers to participate in the negotiation of credit contracts, pledge, mortgage, finance lease contracts, insurance contracts, loan contracts, project financing;
  • To carry out procedures for registration of secured transactions and disposal of security assets at competent state agencies;
  • Consulting on the development of internal management processes and professional processes for banks and financial companies;
  • Translation of legal documents on finance and banking for commercial banks when operating and opening a branch abroad:
  • Advising on loan insurance and risk management in banking and finance;
  • Advising and participating in resolving disputes in the field of finance and banking in judicial bodies such as arbitration and courts;

In addition, we also have Calibank system – bank credit system, help businesses optimize the process, interest rates when the need to bank loans.

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