Privacy statement

Siglaw commits to keep confidential all confidential information provided by Customer, and in the event Customer receives no written approval, Siglaw undertakes not to disclose to third parties or use any material. , data and other confidential information of the customer, except for the use of confidential information to provide to the bodies conducting the proceedings, the State authorities upon request.

During the course of the service, Siglaw’s lawyers and legal consultants always adhere to the privacy standards for information collected during the service delivery process. During the course of the service, Siglaw’s attorneys and counselors are committed to strictly adhering to the privacy standards for information collected during the service delivery process. However, Siglaw can still address the issue in any marketing material.

Service charge

Service fee is based on the agreement between the customer and the Company by consulting contract. The Company does not collect any fees other than the fee for services signed with customers in the contract of consultancy services signed by the two parties. In the event that the length of time to perform work exceeds the initial estimate, Siglaw will notify the customer of the possibility of exceeding the initial estimate.

The cost outside

As a general rule, our service charges do not include any extra charges incurred during the course of providing the services to our clients, including but not limited to official fees, photocopying, travel, bank fees to pick up, deposit or transfer money, etc.

Preliminary advice

Typically, Siglaw does not charge a fee for preliminary consultations for customers. Preliminary consultations for clients include direct communication in our office with a duration of no more than 30 minutes or by email or telephone consultation no more than 15 minutes to identify issues that need consulting, Customer requirements and identification of services to provide to customers. In preliminary consultation, we will not specifically advise the solution to the client. If a specific solution is required, the consultancy will be charged according to our actual working hours.


Siglaw requires payment of all invoices for payment within 5 days of the date of issue of the invoice. In the case of delinquent 3-5 days, we will apply a late penalty fee of 10% per annum from the date of issue of the invoice. Siglaw reserves the right to suspend service provision in the event that a customer does not comply with our payment request.